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Learnable Moments: 100 Devotions to Discover God in the Everyday



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From the author:

"Meet my daughters, Maya and Everly. Maya is a headstrong two year old girl, leaping into the adventure of each day with enthusiasm. She has a thoughtful heart, a big imagination, and abundant energy. She also comes with her fair share of flailing tantrums, strong-willed independence and a generous use of the word “no”. Her sister, Everly, is just the opposite. This sweet baby is all smiles, giggles, and pure joy!

For 100 days, we will step into Maya’s shoes (if we can find them!) and see what we can learn as moms about God’s relationship with us, His will for our lives, and how we can continue to grow into children who follow Him. While as moms we are constantly on the lookout for teachable moments with our kids, this book will help us identify the many learnable moments that God places in our lives every day.

It may be a feat to get out of the house without something sticky on our clothes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a growing, challenging, and life-giving personal relationship with God when we learn to approach Him like a little child. This devotional will have us laughing at Maya’s mistakes as well as learning from our own. Allow Maya and Everly to draw out the childlike joy and faith of the little girl inside you as you seek God in this unique season of motherhood."

Each day includes:

  • An all too relatable story from the life of my littles
  • Scripture that corresponds with the experience
  • Application for personal life- an encouragement in faith, a challenge in obedience or an invitation for further growth
  • Prayer prompt
  • Question for reflection
  • Journal section to record thoughts

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